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 Finding the cisgender angle in the latest news stories

This is AMAZING. Cis journalists tend to point out completely irrelevant details when writing about trans people; this blog gives the same treatment to cis people, showing how ridiculous it is.


“Rebekah Brooks - as she started to call herself following a second marriage - courted power but avoided publicity.  She started receiving female hormones via her ovaries during her first puberty, and intends to continue with them.”

“Smith, who never transitioned and has non-surgically altered genitals similar to those of a pre-operative trans woman, is normally seen on screens but appeared in person on Friday.”

New health guide released for transgender men and masculine-identified women of color


The Brown Boi Project has just released Freeing Ourselves, a new health guide for transgender men and masculine-identified women of color:

Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Boisserves as an exciting new tool for empowerment, as transgender men and women on the masculine spectrum continue to face a health sector in which they are largely invisible. For people of color in these communities, who are often uninsured, these challenges are often compounded; high levels of unemployment, discrimination in public service delivery, and income inequality are the norm, not the exception.

It’s no news that LGBT people of color are incredibly marginalized when it comes to access to competent and affordable health care. I don’t doubt this guide will a much-needed tool for this community to advocate for their health and well-being — and in a personal and empowering way.


Portraits by Studio Museum of Harlem artist in residence, Paul Mpagi Sepuya.





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ATTN: Central/Western NYers (trans & gender varient friends)

I just got this email from one of my Rochester contacts:

I am happy to announce that Pam, Shauna and Maur will be co-facilitating a new, all inclusive, transgender social/educational group in Rochester for any gender variant individuals and allies ages 18+.  The group will run in affiliation with the Gay Alliance, using Gay Alliance space, having Gay Alliance staff support and using Gay Alliance resources.  This group will take the place of the previously planned SAGE Transgender Group. 

This new transgender group will meet on the last Saturday of the month, starting in Sept. from 3-5pm in the Gay Alliance Youth Center* (first meeting on Sat. Sept. 24).  The format will be part educational (scheduled speakers, films, etc.) and part social where members have a chance to connect with each other and share information. 

* The Gay Alliance Youth Center is located in the Auditorium Center at 875 East Main St. on the first floor.  You can park in our free lot in the back of the building, off of College Ave.  If there is a theater event that day, just let the parking attendant know that you are not there for the event and you will be allowed to park for free.  Enter the building off of the parking lot and follow the hallway around to the main lobby. Take a left and follow that hallway to the next lobby.  The Youth Center is on the left as you enter the second lobby.

Sept 24 - Oct 29 - Nov 26 - Dec 31 (maybe)
—————>  3-5 pm  <—————

GAGV Youth Center
Auditorium Theatre
875 East Main St.
Rochester, NY

(585) 244-8640

Origin of Love (from the film “Hedwig and the Angry Inch)


Charlie standing up for herself in KhaosKomix

Charlie standing up for herself in KhaosKomix

Charlie comforting Tom in KhaosKomix

Charlie comforting Tom in KhaosKomix

Midwest Trans* Queer Wellness Initiative

"Midwest organization…dedicated to the facilitation and actualization of physical, emotional, and social wellness for the transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, fluid, gender questioning, gender variant, and queer populations of the greater the Midwest region of the United States through advocacy, activism, community-building, education, and resource creation."

comic by Elias Ericson
Part two

comic by Elias Ericson

Part two


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