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So I’ve been mulling over an idea for a story/series lately. I like superheroes. If you’ve spent more than 15 minutes (or probably less than that) you know that pretty well. and I’ve spoken before about my distaste for women in comics, and the lack of size variation and unrealistic outfits. Also the fact they are mostly white, cis women. I want to change this. The only way to change this is to do it myself.

What I want to do is create a superhero/vigilante team, and come out with a new chapter every week. The team I want to create is a team of women, both cis and trans, who deal with real issues and fight for justice. Women of color, transwomen, fat women, skinny women, disabled women. Etc. But as a white cis women, I feel like I can’t effectively write the characters without making assumptions about things I have no idea about, such as feelings and issues with transition, or being racially profiled, things like that. The characters will have SOME powers. Think Buffy being the chosen one with her sweet buffy-tastic powers. Or Daredevil. He’s blind and his senses are heightened, but he’s also just incredibly skilled and amazing naturally (or this is what I choose to believe because I have a big two straws in a milkshake gay crush on him.)

What I want is to be able to collaborate with these women (you!) to help tell your stories, and craft stories that show the struggles and triumphs in your life. To create weekly (or at least twice a month) chapters, creating a long running story arc or several arcs. I want to base these characters off of real people. I want to do this so I can work with realistic problems, reactions, and understandings. let’s say if I want your character to embark on a relationship, I want to know your feelings about it, how you would go about it, and your reactions to different stressors and plot points. Obviously I will take creative liberties from time to time, but my goal is to create realistic heroines that are easy to relate to. and since they will be based off of real people, I want their reactions to be YOU not me. 

What I need from you is:

  • A summary of your hobbies, personality strengths and weaknesses, and your personals style.
  • Why you think you would be good for this, and what powers you would give yourself.
  • Some traumas that you have experienced that you want to bring to light, and you think could be helpful to others.
  • Discrimination you have experienced that you want to bring to light and you think could be helpful to others.
  • Issues and other things you would like to tackle with this project.
  • Other skills you think might be helpful.
  • Also ideas for the name of the group

Who do I want?

  • transwomen
  • women of color
  • women with disabilities. 
  • gender fluid peoples/non binary gendered people.
  • anyone who thinks they would be a good fit for this team! (lady or not!)

I will also be looking for an artist to eventually take pictures that the women I pick in the end have submitted, and the descriptions of their new alter egos, and draw them as their new selves singly, and then as a group. 

I will email the chosen few within couple days of that time, and we can begin work.

email your submissions to or send them to me on facebook as a message. You can ask me questions here on tumblr, or at either of the previously mentioned places. but please send only questions to my tumblr, submissions sent to my ask box will be deleted.

Please reblog this and spread the word. Check back here at my tumblr for more information over the next month, and for an official group project tumblr page.

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I look forward to reading your stories and collaborating with you!



My new project! My aim is to design and publish a book which concentrates on the positives of being trans* and I am looking for submissions - anything from short sentences to artwork, as long as it can be presented in print format and concentrates on trans* positivity. Please feel free to forward this info to anyone you think might be interested, muchos gracias!

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My new project! My aim is to design and publish a book which concentrates on the positives of being trans* and I am looking for submissions - anything from short sentences to artwork, as long as it can be presented in print format and concentrates on trans* positivity. Please feel free to forward this info to anyone you think might be interested, muchos gracias!

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If you are transgender/gender variant or an ally (but especially transgender or gender variant in any way), please fill out this survey for me!


Trans friends & allies, would you please do me a big favor and fill out both parts of this survey? (I had to break it into 2 parts because survey monkey has a limit of 10 questions per survey)
It’s for a business I am trying to start.
Thanks so much!!

Transgender online shopping survey part 1

Transgender online shopping survey part 2

I tried to make sure the language was inclusive and didn’t leave out any identities.. so my apologies if I offended anyone. I really did try. I’m an oldskool trans person.. I’ve come a long way, and have adjusted many of the terms I use, but there’s still a bit I need to
learn apparently. So I’m sorry about that!

Update: 11 year old trans girl lost appeal


The above article is an update.  Her mother went to appeal to keep her out of the psychiatric ward and lost.  She will be institutionalized because of her expression of her gender.  She will be held until she conforms to male gender and then released to foster care, not her mother who was supporting her.

Please, if you haven’t signed the petition, sign it, reblog it, ask your friends to sign it. We’ve managed to get 40K signatures for a pageant model, we’ve only gotten 11K for a little girl about to have her life ruined.  Lets get on the ball and spread the word.

Sign It.

Ebony Magazine: A Look at African-American Trans Trailblazers


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Important Story for UK Trans People (and LGB allies)


Some people who keep up with current trans issues may know that an unknown trans man from the UK recently gave birth to a child biologically. It was reported in the Sunday Times newspaper after a journalist got hold of some information from the Beaumont Society.

If the man in question hasn’t stepped forward by now, then he probably doesn’t even want to be identified or talked to about this issue. However, this hasn’t stopped the press, and this anonymous man is now currently being subjected to a horrific, privacy-invading witch hunt by the UK tabloids.

The tabloids have reportedly been hounding trans organizations and high-profile trans people for information on the man’s identity and whereabouts.

The press claim that it is “in the public interest” that this man be identified to the wider public. However, it stands to reason that all they are probably looking for is a sensational story. This is evident by the fact that they obviously have no regard at all for this man’s right to privacy and anonymity.

The interim editor of the tabloid newspaper the Sun has also made some utterly deplorable comments, implying that the trans man should be exposed to the public because of “issues” with NHS funding of our treatment, the “welfare” of the child, and the fact that he could “turn out to be a serial killer”. No, REALLY. That’s the excuse they’re using for trying to force out a vulnerable person into the public eye and potentially putting them at serious risk of discrimination and violence.

What it amounts to is blatant prejudice, and the view that trans people are public property that have no right to their own privacy.

The Sun is acting disgustingly and hypocritically. Just last week, Helen Belcher of Trans Media Watch was invited to speak at the Leveson Inquiry into Press Standards, about the appalling way the press have treated transgender people. The Sun’s Managing Director spoke out in defense of the press, saying that they would endeavour to “mend their ways” when it comes to media coverage of transgender affairs. However, this seems now to be empty words and that the Sun has no intention of treating us any better than they did before.

Offering a cash reward to the public for the outing of a trans person is absolutely revolting, inexcusable and unacceptable.

If anyone living in the UK knows this man and is approached by a member of the media, or really ANYONE inquiring about the story (seeing as the tabloid media are known for using underhand tactics like hacking, stalking and undercover investigation) I urge you: TELL THEM NOTHING. Don’t say a word. You will be protecting a vulnerable person from potentially serious harm.

If you want more information, please read this article, from Pink News, as it has exclusive comments from the Sun editor and information about the ongoing Leveson Inquiry into Press Standards. If you are from the UK, I also please urge you to contact the Leveson Inquiry and also the Press Complaints Commission about this. Their contact information can be found on both websites.

Thanks for reading and spread the word. This horrible violation of privacy must not stand.

Trans Spirituality: A new tumblog!


Trans Spirituality is a brand new submissions-based and collaborative tumblog where trans-identifying, transitioning, and gender nonconforming folks share and explore the intersections of trans identity with spirituality.

There really isn’t a set goal so far since this is meant to be a community space, so please follow and submit if you’d like and we’ll see where it takes us! :)

Please reblog to spread the word!

Blaine Man Sentenced for Murder of Transgender Woman

[Linked article uses the incorrect name. The victim’s name is Chrissie Bates.]

A Blaine man was sentenced to 367 months in prison for a murder in Minneapolis last January.

Forty-year-old Arnold Waukazo was convicted of killing a transgender woman named [Chrissie] Bates inside a Linden Avenue apartment.

Police say they were called when an apartment building caretaker found Bates at 1302 Linden Avenue on Jan. 11. According to the report, Bates appeared to have multiple stab wounds to the torso and neck. A knife with a “blood-like” substances was also found in the apartment. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide.

During the investigation, officers learned the victim was in a relationship with Waukazo. When police located Waukazo on Jan. 19 he reportedly told officers he went to the victim’s apartment on Jan. 6 and an argument broke out. According to police, Waukazo said he “dispatched” the victim. Police say Waukazo admitted to strangling and stabbing Bates multiple times.

The judge gave Waukazo the maximum sentence because of “the savagery of the crime” and “because there has been a lack of remorse.”

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The Thing Trailer

A woman, a transgendered man, and their cat travel towards a mysterious roadside attraction known as “The Thing”. Directed by Rhys Ernst, “The Thing” has its international premiere at Sundance 2012.

Hey everyone! My friend Rhys got his reworked MFA film into Sundance, and I’m helping him spread the word. You may remember the casting call last year which made the rounds on Tumblr and was featured on the Original Plumbing blog when the film’s tentative title was “Tristan and Zooey.”

Check out the current “The Thing” Kickstarter fundraiser to help him finish the film up and travel to Sundance. He needs less than $1,000 by Thursday, so help him and his team out by contributing if you can, reblogging, and spreading the word other ways!

For more info visit and follow on Twitter @thethingfilm

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